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Flaming Acres Opening Weekend Reflections

Many hours of hard work went into getting Flaming Acres Farm ready for its grand opening on Friday September 2nd. Friends old and new, stepped up to do whatever it took to get the farm ready for guests. Friday evening was hot yet magical as guests flowed in all smiles, lots of laughter...the sunflowers and gardens were a draw and guest left with huge beauty bouquets of flowers making memories and taking photos of the beauty around them. Saturday morning was so wonderful with the cool breezes and smells from the coffee truck and baked goods filled the air. Arts and crafts, food and simple games such as Jenga and corn hole were some of the activities offered around the farm during the festival. Friday evening the Flaming Acres Grill was fired up for the first time and offered guests hamburgers and hotdogs as they sat on hay bales. Dion & I are very tired after so much work and anticipation without knowing if anyone would show up at all...but we were not disappointed. A big shout out of thanks to everyone who took a leap of faith and came out to visit us and to those who helped to make Flaming Acres a reality. Without everyones hard work and desire to be a part of the vision we have for the farm, none of this would have become a reality. We are looking forward to next weekend as we continue the Sunflower Festival September 9th & 10th and the Fall Harvest Festival which begins on September 16th-October 29th. It was so wonderful to see children running and playing and laughing and visiting with folks who came to relive the days they remember as a child on the farm. Let's keep this happy movement towards building strong community going once again.

Photos by Photographer Ashley Brock of Caldwell.

Debbie Flaming

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