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Photographer PaSS Information

Photographer Fall Options:

  • The first option to book photo shoots in the sunflower fields, gardens, pumpkin patch during the fall. These are hour long, private sessions and cost $45/hour plus ($1 fee & 6% Sales Tax). To provide better communication between us at the farm and you as the photographer, we  offer online self-service booking. You sign up for a specific date & time when you make the purchase for your time slot. You and your clients are the only ones to have access to the farm during that time for your photo shoot.

  • The second option is to arrange a photo shoot with a client during the hours the farm is open to the public. Fall hours are Saturdays & Sundays 10 am- 6 pm. Photographers purchase a $12 photographer pass online or on the farm the day of the photo session. Fall client(s) pay must pay admission but receive a 20% discount.

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