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The Flaming Acres Story


Debbie & Dion Flaming Owners/Farmers....


Hello Friends...

The Flaming Acres story is not your traditional farm family yarn. It has a history of good times and bad. This is how it all began...Once upon a time, Lyle and Mary Ann Flaming (Dion's parents), moved to Caldwell from Dallas Oregon. In 1969 they purchased the farm on Lower Pleasant Ridge Road and operated a dairy there for many years. Because of the many financial and personal challenges endured by the family, the farm was sold off piece by piece until what remained was a small acreage owned by Dion Flaming, Lyle and Mary Ann's youngest son.  

When the farm went up for sale in 2018, the potential buyers had plans to convert the remaining 37 acres of farmland into an industrial park. In order to save the property from this fate, Dion made a bold move and offered to buy back the farm for what the businessmen were offering the seller. Much to everyones surprise the businessmen backed out of the sale and the farm was once again back in the hands of a Flaming.


In celebration of this wonderful blessing, we decided to pursue an agri-tourism conditional use permit from the county which was unanimously approved on June 2nd, 2022. Our vision is to provide a beautiful farm experience for the people in our community. We grew 43 varieties of sunflowers, 28 varieties of pumpkins. We have created a 13 acre corn maze and a smaller mini-maze. We have two parklike settings for farm related activities for the whole family to enjoy and a place for vendors to sell their homegrown and homemade items so folks are encouraged to support local business. Flaming Acres is sure to become a very special destination where life on the farm can be preserved and experienced by Treasure Valley families. We believe that everyone who comes to visit Flaming Acres farm is making a contribution to ensure that life can continue on the farm for many years to come. Make plans to visit us during our Sunflower Festival Days September 2nd, 3rd & 9th, 10th & our Fall Harvest Festival Days Septmber 16th-October 30th!


Sincerely, Debbie Flaming

Ashley Boggan:
Promotions & Social Media Director

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Hi all,
I thought to myself maybe it is time to introduce myself, the face behind Flaming Acres! My name is Ashley and I am the daughter of Debbie and Dion Flaming, the owners and farmers of Flaming Acres.

My parents came to me with this idea for this farm last summer and I fell in love with the idea. I wanted to be able to help and I knew I was stepping away from teaching to be a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to be able to tell others about the farm so I offered to run the social media accounts. Little did I know how much the farm I grew up at would transform into what it has become today!

I am proud to see my parents dream come full circle. The love and devotion they have put into their farm stems from the desire to serve and be an outreach for their community! They constantly are looking for ways to bring people together and create a way to help families make memories together, the way we did growing up on a farm.

I am so thankful God gave me the opportunity to support my parents and spread the word about their farm. I hope the farm brings you all as much joy and fun as it has brought my family! We look forward to seeing you all September 2nd....

Sincerely, Ashley Boggan