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06-14-2022 Planting the Lavender Field

We had high hopes of getting into the Lavender field on Monday the 13th but the weather was cold and I spent the day working indoors on the Flaming Acres website, and social media set up for Facebook, Instagram and You-tube...Ashley our daughter brought our granddaughter Olivia (4 months) over for a visit to see what grandpa & grandma have been up to. She got to sit with grandpa on the tractor!

Wednesday the 14th was beautiful. Perfect for getting into the Lavender field. I have a video about the day. Thankfully Dion jumped in to help me with the last couple rows. I planted lavender for 7 hours the end, it wasn't pretty :) I was no longer singing happy songs. It got done and it looks so great though. I can't wait for people to come out to enjoy the lavender!

Today it is time to get the other flowers planted in the boxes. Dion prepped the boxes for me all day yesterday which was a lot of hard work too!

That's all for now. Have a great day!

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