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If you are not 100% satisfied with your Brain Buster 3D pen kit, contact us right away!

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Troubleshooting Tips


Check the Power Source

Make sure you are using the correct AC/DC Adapter. See the one in the photo? That is what the adapter should look like.

Many of us have multiple AC/DC adapters for our cell phones etc. The 3D pen requires more power than a phone charge adapter. Also, if you decide to use a power bank, make sure it is 2 amps or higher.


The Filament will not Load

Once you press the load button to heat the pen, it will not allow you to load filament until it reaches 190 degrees  celsius. Once it reaches the target temperature, press the load button twice to auto load or press once and hold it down while it loads the filament manually.

Check to make sure the filament is pushed up far enough into the loading chamber to reach the gears. Check out the "How Do 3D Pens Work?" page to see the approximate distance.

What happens when the pen is idle  & shuts down with filament still in the chamber?

No problem...Just push the load button to reheat...allow the pen to reach  the target temperature and then press the unload button to remove the filament. You are good to go to reload or cool down the pen.

Contact Us

Please include a detailed description of the issue you are having with your 3D pen!

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