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Art Pro Plus Step by Step

Loading Guide Detailed Instructions



Decide what type of filament you will use for your project and have it ready. PLA filament is what is provided for you in your Art Plus Pro kit.  


Use the power cord in the kit to plug the 3D pen into the AC/DC adapter or the Power Bank.


(Reminder: The kit comes only with the AC/DC adapter).



To start, push the top button (which is also the load button) ONE TIME. The pen will start to heat up to the target temperature of 190 degrees C which is the ideal target temperature for PLA .


You can manually adjust the target temperature between the range of 130-230 degrees celsius. 


Once you start the pen, the OLED screen will display the target and actual temperature as the pen is heating. (The load button is the start button).


Note: The pen will only allow you to load filament when it is heated to the target  temperature of 190 degrees C. Once you start working, you can lower the temperature.


Notice the small buttons above the OLED screen. + (plus sign) will increase the temperature in 1 degree increments. The  - (minus sign) will decrease the temperature in 1 degree increments. 

Note: The Art Pro Plus will automatically heat to 190 C the target temperature for PLA. If you are using ABS filament click the + button to 220 C which is the target temperature for ABS.




Before you load the filament, make sure it is cut straight across so it will catch into the drive properly. Feed the filament into the hole at the rear  of the pen until you feel it stop. 


Once in position, if you double click the top button it will load without you holding the button. If you single click, you will need to continue to push the button while it loads. You should see the filament start pulling into the pen. Not pulling in the filament? You may need to push the filament forward until it catches in the gear. Again...If you double click the load button, it will automatically pull the filament into the heating chamber and will not stop until you push the load button again. 


When the filament reaches the tip of the nozzle either stop pressing the load button or press the load button one more time to stop it. Get yourself into position to work. When you are ready to create,  press the load button to extrude the filament. To stop simply stop pressing the load button.

Note: A small amount of filament will continue to flow  when you let up on the extrude button. Silicon finger & thumb protectors are in the kits to help you with this.


Once the filament starts to extrude from the tip of the pen, you can control the speed of the flow of the heated filament with the stepless control slider on the side of the pen.


  • Up will make the filament flow slower.

  • Down will make the filament flow faster.


It is time to take your creativity to the next dimension with your Art Pro Plus 3D printing pen and start creating amazing things!

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