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Check out the technology packed into the Art Pro Plus 3D pen!

How Do 3D Pens Work?

3D pens work when filament is loaded into the pen as hard plastic at the base of the pen. The gears rotate and move the filament through a central chamber towards the nozzle. Once the filament reaches the nozzle it enters the heating chamber and melts. The melted filament then extrudes from the nozzle when you push the button at the top of the pen. 

How do you "draw" with a 3D pen?

When the melted filament leaves the pen it is soft and malleable, but very shortly it will cool enough to harden to create a solid structure.

       1.                         2.                            3.


The heating element in the nozzle heats up the filament.

The gears rotate and pull

the filament into the pen.

The filament is moved through the chamber towards the nozzle .

Did you just buy a 3D pen, or are you simply curious to see how to use one before deciding to buy?


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