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Inspirational Themes Ideas for 3D Printing Pen Projects

3D Project 01.jpg

Tap Into the Artist Inside

Whether you like the abstract or true-to-life art projects, you can use your 3D printing pen to make fascinating masterpieces.


With so many colors of filament to choose from your imagination can go wild. You can even mix things up and use the 3D pen to enhance your current artwork in any medium. You can create 2D art pieces to hang on a wall or your refrigerator. 3D sculptures will be no problem for you with a few structural techniques and practice you are well on your way to making your ideas come life.

By designing wearables, you can become a walking, talking work of art wearing your latest 3D art project! Before you throw away that holey t-shirt, why not give it new life with an interesting design instead.


Have some outdated earrings? Give them a new look and color with your 3D pen. Masks for Halloween are no problem for you. How about a veil for that vintage hat you enjoy wearing.


You can create all kinds of interesting accessories from jewelry to hand bags. The possibilities are endless with your 3D pen.  

Design Wearables


Design & Personalize

Is crafting and decorating one of your creative passions?

The a 3D pen is a must have for any project you have in mind. It is amazing how with a 3D pen in your hand you can transform  your home decor. You use it to add some flare to your next interior design project.


Ideas abound...You could take a dull bookend and transform it into something fun, make your own coasters, or decorate a vase. 


Personalizing objects is a great way to give life to ordinary, everyday objects. Whether you add something special to an existing object, or make one from scratch, your friends and family will be impressed!


Can you think of something you can transform from ordinary to extraordinary? You can do it with your awesome 3D printing pen!

Looking for practical ways to use a 3D pen?

Fix & Hack

Do you have an irreparable plastic part you need for a toy or an item in your home? It is not “irreparable” anymore with your 3D pen.


You can create all the missing plastic parts you need. You could repair broken handles, hooks, cable ties, fill in and cover damaged plastic wherever you find it indoors and out… you can fix it with your handy 3D pen.


If you need help with your DIY projects around the home, a 3D pen is great little helper. This simple handheld tool will give you a quick and easy way to fix what is broken or make anything plastic on the go saving you both time and money!

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