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Tips: Creating in 3D


1. Draw Freehand in 3D:

Drawing freehand in the air provides a whole new world of fun and interesting possibilities. This technique may take some practice to master. You will find the steps described below.

2. Assemble a 3D model using 2D parts:

This technique resembles using building blocks to create something. This technique will be demonstrated with a building a cube video below.

3. Building a 3D Model: 

Creating a model requires infrastructure. In the video a 3D trout is created from the inside out. This technique is much easier than you may think! 

  • Start with a dot of filament on a piece of paper. Make sure it is anchored.

  • Slowly lift the pen into the air while extruding. The key is learning to move your pen at the same rate as the filament extrudes. Finding the correct speed to move your hand is the tricky part.

  • While in mid-air you must stop and hold to allow the filament enough time to harden to avoid collapse.

  • This technique takes practice. The ABS filament works best for mid-air designing because it hardens faster than PLA.


Technique #1

Draw Freehand in 3D

Technique #2

Assemble a 3D Model Using 2D Parts

Technique #3

Building a 3D Models

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