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Many THANKS! Fall Harvest Festival Days 2023

Hello Friends.

Being in the after day of preparing the farm for weekend guests, it was difficult for Dion and I to slow down to do any reflecting or to let those who were working along side of us know how much we appreciate all of their hard work and that is the purpose of this blog! Dion & I would like to express to everyone how grateful and thankful we are to have the wonderful and supportive family, friends, volunteers and dedicated employees who made the 2023 season at Flaming Acres a success.

We would like to thank Meliah Martin and Michelle Coulter, Dion's sisters for spending many hours taking care of Flaming Acres guests at admissions. They endured wind, rain, heat, freezing weather and technological breakdowns and long grueling hours yet were dedicated to stay to help to the very end. Thank you so much Meliah and Michelle!

We would like to thank Jerry Fredricks for driving the tractor for the cow train, even to the point of melting his shoes, and all his help with transportation whenever we needed something picked up or dropped off.

Kenny Flaming, Dion's cousin helped mow lawns, drive tractors and directed traffic and always had an encouraging word and big smile on his face. Thank you Kenny for being available. Julie Flaming, Ken's wife became the "pumpkin lady" and did an amazing job teaching the students who visited the farm for field trip days, all about pumpkins inspiring many of them to want to become pumpkin growers in the future. Julie was always positive and gave wonderful advise and creative ideas.

John, Jamie, Snell and their kids Kendra & Josh were the Sunday crew for the Flaming Acres Grill and worked in the heat, rain and freezing temperatures, but always had big smiles on their faces even after a very long and difficult day of hard work! Thank you Snell family.

The Saturday Flaming Acres Grill crew learned a lot and improved their skills each week as they served customers. 16 year old Josh C, ran the grill, like a master, Adde K. cashiered and managed the team and the food prep team, Alley M., Ally K. and Avva K. worked hard under very stressful conditions as we experienced growing pains such as food shortages and large hungry crowds on Saturdays.

Brenne M. stepped up and managed the Cock A Doodle Brew, coming in early and staying late to make sure everything was set up and taken care of all weekend long. She worked with a variety of helpers and did a great job teaching newbies how to cashier or make the yummy drinks and kept everyone laughing and entertained along the way.

Our daughter Ashley Boggan was an amazing help with our social media, setting up events and stepping in to work where ever she was needed. Thank you Ashley for tirelessly helping us each and every week.

Thank you to our son Luke who helped with set up or was willing to trouble shoot any technical issues we needed help fixing at the last minute.

Thank you to Adam & Sophia Corey for helping with driving tractor, with admissions, grill and technical issues when we really needed the help and support.

Thanks to brother & sister Josiah and Arianna who helped with tractor driving and the arts and crafts activity interacting with our young visitors making them feel at ease and happy.

Thanks to David and Ethan C., for helping with farm crew work, setting up and tearing down, arts and crafts, the animals, the Cock A Doodle Brew the Grill and anything else that needed attention around the farm.

Thank you to all of those who came along side of us this year to partner and provide financial support for the many projects and improvements that were made around the farm.

Thank you to Kevin at Righteous Signs who designed and created the wonderful signage around the farm working tirelessly to help us with our huge projects that took hours of his time.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the Lord above who opened the doors and made Flaming Acres Farm not just a dream but a reality. We thank Him for the creative ideas, the strength and the resolve to make a place for the community to come together to enjoy the beauty of all that He has created.

There are many more people we could mention and just because you did not see your name highlighted here does not mean you are forgotten. We are thankful for a wonderful second year hosting the Flaming Acres Fall Harvest Festival and look forward to many more in the future. Thank you to all or you who took the time to come and visit the farm this summer or fall. Thank you to all of the dedicated parents and teachers who set up the field trips and the pastors and youth workers that organized the Youth Night at the farm. We will now take a much needed break and will be open again in the summer for u-pick flower cutting season. Because we have so much farming to do in the spring, we will only be hosting field trips in October in 2024. Please visit our website frequently for updates about upcoming events...

Most Sincerely,

Dion & Debbie Flaming

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