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Another Great Weekend at Flaming Acres Farm!

It is hard to believe that the Sunflower Festival Season is now coming to a close and it is time to think about fall. The mornings have a slight chill to them and the days are getting shorter and shorter. At Flaming Acres Farm we are now setting our sites on preparing to open our farm for Fall Harvest Festival days starting on Friday September 16th and continuing until October 29th!

We have A LOT to do this week to get everything ready! The slogan "where fun grows..." is perfect for what life is like here at Flaming Acres Farm. Every day another miracle of accomplishment is achieved and new levels of appreciation for everyone who still believes that dreams can come true with hard work, grit and inspiration from above! Thank you to all who have joined us in this amazing journey . We hope that the Fall Harvest Festival at Flaming Acres Farm will bring our community together to experience the joy of connection once again. I hope to meet and see all of you soon!

Gratefully Yours,

Debbie Flaming

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