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Flaming Acres Mighty Maze 
Scavenger Hunts

Mighty Maze Map Dots.jpg


The goal for the FARM & BIBLE Trivia Scavenger Hunts is to find all 20 checkpoints.  

At Flaming Acres the Mighty Maze is so much more than a corn maze to get lost in. You can experience the power of using your senses, navigation and map skills and challenge your ability to use  GPS map technology to help you track your progress through the maze. There are two different scavenger hunt options awaiting you! In one scavenger hunt, you will put your knowledge about farming and agriculture to the test. The second scavenger hunt is a Bible Trivia Challenge and was designed for the Youth Group Nights we host on the farm. We thought it would be fun to keep both up for everyone to enjoy! Though the checkpoints are numbered, you can find them in any order. The key is to be sure to find all 20 checkpoints.   You cannot mix the hunts so be sure to pick one or the other when you start. 


When you scan the QR code at each checkpoint it does two things. It registers that you found the checkpoint and it will give you the answer to the posted trivia question.

To register a checkpoint, you must scan the QR code. 


  • To check into the Farm or Bible Trivia Scavenger Hunt, at least one person in the group must use their cell phone to click on the QR code "Start Hunt!" at the Mighty Maze.

  • Click on the map icon to watch your progress and location as you navigate through the maze. When you come to a checkpoint click on the Scan icon and use your phones photo app to get to the link. Once you see that you have a message that the checkpoint was counted, click back to the map icon.

You may use your phone camera to scan the QR code link. You do not need a QR code scanning app. 

  • Hunt for all 20 checkpoints with the trivia questions & answers.

  • When you or your group exits the maze, find out if you found all 20 checkpoints by scanning  the QR code "Stop Hunt!".

RULES of the HUNT!!!

The corn maze trail has a lot of things you could trip over especially at night. Be careful.


No cutting across the corn. YOU MUST STAY ON THE TRAILS. 

Have fun!

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