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Welcome to the Free Stencil Library


A 2D drawing or stencil is a wonderful option when planning your 2D or 3D project. It is helpful to print your stencil on card stock and directly placing the filament on the paper. This technique provides the  best anchor for the filament. If you want to preserve your stencil, covering it with a sheet protector or wax paper is a good option. 

Another helpful tip for your 2D designs is to use a silicone tracing pad. This will provide straight lines and circles to guide the flow of your filament as you create.


How to make Garden Vegetable Labels

(Click the video below)


Click on the pdf to download the stencil used in the video. It works best if printed on card stock.


The Watercolor Flower Enhanced video demonstrates how artwork can be enhanced with the 3D pen.

I watercolor painted these flowers several years ago. 


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