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The First Season has come to a Close!

The ending of a great first season at Flaming Acres Farm is bitter sweet. We have never worked harder in our entire much for retirement, but there is something very satisfying about falling into bed at night physically spent and mentally full of happy memories about the day. We met so many wonderful people. That was the big ah ha for me. I concentrated so much on the physical aspects of creating a beautiful place for folks to visit that I did not even consider how wonderful the conversations and interactions with visitors would be for me. Then there is the farm crew! My heart swells with pride and thankfulness to all of those who came along side of us to help with all the aspects of making Flaming Acres what it was this first season. Dion's sister Meliah Martin worked admissions and it meant a lot to have her help since this farm once was her playground. She has worked for years in the Caldwell School District and knew so many of the children who came through our doors. Our Food Service Crew was made up of adult volunteers and teens who learned so many new skills. Jamie Snell, thank-you for transforming Flaming Acres Grill into a fun place for the kids to work and for visitors to enjoy a great meal. Our tractor drivers were amazing, driving for hours on end! Our farm crew came out to help set up and would work during the week helping harvest pumpkins or any farm chore that needed to be done. They stayed as long as it took to tear down and never complained. They loved the farm as much as we do and they took pride in whatever they did and we so appreciate all of their efforts! Our vendors were the best. They stayed with us through days when the winds nearly blew us all away and through heat and cold...The visitors to the farm were so kind to us. They were supportive and some came multiple times. We are so grateful for all of you! We are already making plans for 2023. We would like to develop our park area for groups to enjoy in the spring for a farm style end of the school year experience! We are going to expand our flower cutting at the farm too and have a lavender field to develop, u-pick flower gardens to set up as well as the sunflower fields for those who love flowers as much as we do! For the 2023 Fall Harvest Festival Season we have plans for major improvements and will keep you posted as we add new things...Now it is time for some rest and relaxation as we head into the Holiday Season. Wishing you the BEST! Debbie Flaming

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