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Sunflower Planting Day at Flaming Acres Farm

June 23rd was Sunflower planting day at Flaming Acres Farm. Dion & I had to figure out how to get the sunflower seeds in the ground so we spent the day before experimenting with ideas. Do we plant with corn planter on the tractor?...That idea would not work because the seeds were too small and varied in size. So Dion decided to use an old hand driven corn planter which had disks which each handled a different size of seed. We tried out the disks we had on hand on the seeds and found two that worked. It was very tedious planting an acre of sunflowers with a hand corn seeder but it did the job! A fun fact is that we got the planter many years ago from Dad Ilin (Debbie's Dad) when he gave it to us for planting sweet corn in our garden...Dion tells the little story in the video. We planted over 40 varieties of sunflowers ranging in size from 12-24 inches to 17 feet in height. The colors range from the traditional yellow, to orange, red, brown, purple, pink, white and green...My prayer right now is that we will have a good amount for folks to pick for the Sunflower festivals in August/September!

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