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June 21st, 2022 Flaming Acres Farm Update

Dion & I have been sooooo....busy working on getting everything planted before the Idaho summer heat hits. We had a major set back with the tractor breaking down while disking and not being able to get anyone out to help get it repaired for an entire week! A big shout out to Dana Rochlitz Repair for coming out to the farm to help us with getting the tractor up and running. Better late than never...While waiting for the tractor to be repaired, Dion worked on getting an old corn planter he found laying around our brother in laws farm (for over a decade)... set up to plant the corn! While was occupied with getting the old planter working, I transplanted flowers from the greenhouse into the flower beds. I had 15 flower beds to fill and the soil was hard as a rock. I had to break up the ground in each bed before planting. I could only handle hacking through 5 beds a day...whew, it was tough work. The photo is of the 6 packs I transplanted into the flower boxes. Corn planting finally started on June 21st and that was the day I finished the boxes too. On to sunflower planting!

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