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Fall Weather Blew in this Weekend!

The weekend of October 21st-23rd will be a memorable one! The colder unpredictable weather descended upon Flaming Acres Farm with wind gusts and rain! The most bold and brave, those ready to get out their old sweaters, hats & coats came to visit us this weekend! Parents bundled up their children and came out and had a wonderful time. The weekend kicked off with the bluesy music of Randy Steward at the Flaming Acres Grill. Folks sang along and children was a sight to see with the dark skies contrasting against the twinkling lights that surrounded Randy and the grill area. One couple spent the entire evening enjoying the music & pumpkin pie! We had plenty of glow sticks for everyone on Friday & Saturday night so everyone could enjoy the early night skies and a walk through the corn maze in the dark. Pumpkins were another big hit over the weekend. We have hundreds more awaiting harvest for the last for our final weekend coming up October 28th-30th. We are looking forward to more visitors than ever this weekend for out Glow in the Dark Extravaganza's Friday & Saturday sunset to 9 pm. , pumpkins & Sunday dress up day & pre-Halloween trick or treating at the Flaming Acres Farmers Market. It has been so wonderful to meet and visit with friends old & new each day we are open. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to support us in our attempt to hold on to something very dear that none of us wants to lose...a connection with each other and days gone by growing up on a farm. We love all of you and are so grateful that God has given us the opportunity to create something beautiful to share with all of you! Hope to see you this weekend for the GRAND FINALE! Debbie

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