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Cutting the Corn Mazes at Flaming Acres Farm

We have some awesome friends. They arrived at 7 a.m. for three days in a row to help us cut two corn mazes...a mini and a 12 acre main maze. We had to get very creative in making the mazes because we lacked a tractor with a gps which is quite spendy as you can imagine. Remembering our geometry from back in the day...we made a graph with numbers and letters and mapped out the design. We staked the field to match our graph to scale and then determined a route to cut the maze going from point to point. I spent a couple afternoons writing out the coordinates. We were able to use walkie talkies to communicate. We could use the corrugates for the north to south coordinates but the east to west coordinates had to sight the point exactly by communicating more to the right or left...I have a video for you to check out that documents our corn maze cutting days experience. Honestly...we all were amazed at the great results we got with this simple method when Luke flew his drone over the maze so we could see how everything turned out. Hopefully many of you will come to visit Flaming Acres Farm this September & October to walk the mazes and enjoy what we are growing and creating for you to enjoy

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