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Aerial View of the Corn Maze...WOW!

The corn maze at Flaming Acres Farm looks AMAZING! Be sure to watch the video our son Luke took with his drone on August 11th. The corn is growing so tall. Dion & I walked the entire maze and it was really fun. We think people will really enjoy it.

The sunflower video was taken on August 4th. I will need to do another video because the size and number of sunflower blooms is exploding now...very beautiful.

Dion has been working hard on building a safe entry and exit..the road infrastructure. He also dug all the holes for the light poles which will go in tomorrow which is Saturday the 13th of August. We have had some wonderful people apply to work on the farm for the Festivals. We are so excited about all of them! Vendor applications keep rolling in. We have a lot of space so we can accommodate quite a few of them. We are working hard to get everything ready for our guests. Tickets can now be purchased online as well as sunflower bouquets. Enjoy the video!

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