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5 Secrets to Unleashing a Students' Lear
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Airplane 01 Teacher Guide Cover.jpg
Airplane 01 Student Guide Cover.jpg

Airplane  Stencil

Beetle Teacher Guide e-Book Cover.jpg
Beetle Student Guide Cover.jpg

Rhinoceros Beetle


Teacher Guide E-Book Cover.jpg
Student Guide E-Book Cover.jpg

Bridge 01


Bridge 02


Bridge Truss Help.jpg

Bridge Building Challenge

Bridge Trusses.jpg
Fossil Teacher Guide EBook Cover.jpg
Fossil Student Guide EBook Cover.jpg




Eiffel Tower Teacher Guide EBook Cover.j
Eiffel Tower Student Guide EBook Cover.j

Eiffel Tower


Teacher Guide EBook Cover.jpg
Student Guide EBook Cover.jpg

Cube Stencil

Triangular Prism Stencil

Triangular Prism 02 Stencil

Square Base Pyramid Stencil

Square Base Pyramid 02 Stencil

Pentagonal Prism Stencil

Pentagonal Prism 02 Stencil

Hexagonal Prism Stencil

Parbola Teacher Guide EBook Cover.jpg
Parbola Student Guide EBook Cover.jpg



Create Own Parabola


Robot Teacher Guide EBook Cover.jpg
Robot Student Guide EBook Cover.jpg

Robot Stencil

Welcome to the Stencil Library


A 2D drawing or stencil is a wonderful option when planning your 2D or 3D project. It is helpful to print your stencil on card stock and directly placing the filament on the paper. This technique provides the  best anchor for the filament. If you want to preserve your stencil, covering it with a sheet protector or wax paper is a good option. 

Another helpful tip for your 2D designs is to use a silicone tracing pad. This will provide straight lines and circles to guide the flow of your filament as you create.


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