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Friends of the farm

Friends of the farm is a program designed for folks interested in volunteering to work on projects around the farm such as potting plants, hoeing weeds, picking produce, or helping build simple structures...

Friends of the farm have VIP status during festival events which means every 4 hours spent helping with a farm project translates to free admission to one festival event. Friends of the Farm must be 18 years or older.


Looking for employment at Flaming Acres Farm this fall? Starting as a Friend of the Farm is a great way to gain experience learning about working on a farm and could make all the difference in being chosen for employment and starting at a higher hourly rate!

Interested in Helping on the farm?

2022 Highlights

Friends of the Farm Interest Form

Flaming Acres Farm

Thank you for your submission!!

Friends of the Farm 2022 Season


Friends of the Farm Cami Sowle, Jessie Flaming, Kenny Flaming, Carol Styles and Lynda Songbird came out Monday July 18th-Wednesday July 20th...three consecutive mornings at 7 am to help Dion & I create & cut the corn mazes at Flaming Acres Farm.

The results from our human gps system are impressive to say the least. Luke Flaming flew his drone over the field to check out the results. Enjoy the video of the process...and stayed tuned to the end of the video for the results!


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