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3D Project Resources

The Brain Buster 3D Learning Solution

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When you purchase the Brain Buster 3D Solution you will

receive Exclusive Lifetime Access to the 3D Project Learning Library

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Putting a puzzle together is great for developing visual perception. With the 3D pen, your child could create their own design for a puzzle and make the puzzle pieces!

Building Models

Model building is a wonderful way to learn to build. With the 3D pen, your child could work with a stencil or template to create the infra-structure for building a model. They could make the parts themselves and arrange and weld them together to construct a model from the inside out.

Drawing & Handwriting Practice

With a 3D pen, simple words and figures become works of art that can be treasured or given to family as gifts. 

These are just a few examples which demonstrate how the 3D pen can increase the creative potential in learning activities and projects.your child.


The Brain Buster Learning Center Library is a place where educational ideas are stored and archived for you to use when you purchase the Art Pro Plus 3D printing pen. Parent Guides with lesson plans and illustrated Student Guides with step by step instructions for STEAM based projects are one of the many advantages you have when you purchase your 3D printing pen from Brain Buster 3D!


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