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3D Pen Basics

Tips  to Consider When Getting Started 

Drawing in 3D may seem like a huge challenge, but that is only because it is new. There is a bit of a learning curve, but with practice and a few tips and tricks, you will be a 3D penning pro before you know it!


Filament Types:

Filament types have different melting points. 

PLA has a lower melting point than the other popular ABS filament which makes it a safer option for younger 3D pen operators.


Click the button below to learn more about filament types.

Filament 01.jpg

Start with 2D

To help you get used to the speed at which the filament flows from the 3D pen, starting in 2D is not a bad idea. 

To get started, simply get a piece of paper, heat and load the 3D pen and draw or write something basic such as lines, shapes or words...










Visit "Getting Started in 2D" for videos, stencils and other 2D tips. 


Creating  in 3D

Confident in 2D and ready to level up and take your project to the next dimension?


Maybe you just love to take on a challenge and want to start your journey in 3D right away!


Visit "Creating in 3D" for videos, stencils and other 3D tips.

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